The Problem With Death

Terra cotta

8″ H


Ever since I woke up this morning
I’ve had the unsettled feeling
that there is something important
I forgot to do.

I checked the list,
but every item has a
heavy, black line
straight through the middle.

The dry-cleaned clothes are
hanging in the closet.
The stack of bills is in the mail.
Food, of a sort,
crowds the refridgerator.
The dental appointment
was duly kept.

I wander the house,
gingerly entering room after room,
hoping to recapture
the important thing
that has slipped away.
But, nothing comes to me.

Perhaps I have left my purse
at the store?
No, it is resting squarely
on the counter.
Everything seems to be in order.

something is missing,
something is missing,
something is missing.

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